Head of Public Relations of the Tabanan Police Headquarters Gathering with the Head of Reporters in the Context of Consolidating Public Communication

Tabanan, Tribunus.co.id - With the permission of the Tabanan Police Chief AKBP Ranefli Dian Candra, SIK, MH, Tabanan Police Head of Public Relations Iptu I Nyoman Subagio, On Monday, November 22, 2021 afternoon, held a friendly meeting with the Head of Tabanan Journalist I Made Doni Darmawan, SS at the PT Bali Top News Office, Bongan Village , Tabanan.

On that occasion the Head of Public Relations of the Tabanan Police said that to continue to improve the communication network that had been going well, in terms of jointly preventing the spread of hoax news, and things that led to the disturbance of Kamtibmas. Whether news is spread through online media or social media, let's prevent it together. said the Head of Public Relations of the Tabanan Police.

Meanwhile, I Made Doni Darmawan S.S. As the Head of the Journalist and as the owner of the Bali Top News Online Media, he said that he would always support Government Programs, especially in terms of maintaining public security and order through the media. Will always work in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, contribute to the nation and state, especially in Tabanan Regency by paying attention to ethics and aesthetics according to the journalistic code of ethics. Said I Made Doni Darmawan.

(Abimanyu/Tabanan Police Public Relations)

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